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2017 John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecturer -- Federico Brugnoli

The 58th John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture will be presented at the Annual Convention by Federico Brugnoli,  CEO of SPIN 360 and COO of Synesis, at 1:15 pm on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

Graduating in 1997 in Science and Technology for the Environment at the University of Milan, Federico Brugnoli has always been an entrepreneur in the field of advanced services on sustainability and innovation.  During the 16 years of his career, Brugnoli has developed specific skills in: sustainability, business management, management control, LCA, innovation, research and development, quality management, certification, and technology transfer.

He works for manufacturing companies and industrial associaitons at both national and EU level in difference economic sectors: leather tanning, fashion, wood and furniture, commerce, waste management.  He has coordinated several European projects with international partners in the field of product and process innovation, environmental sustainability of industrial production. 

He is the technical coordinator of the European Sectoral Skills Councils for 3 EU sectors ( Fashion, Commerce, Automotive).  He is a member of the technical secretariat for the Product Environmental Footprint pilot for leather, realized under the coordination of the European Commission.