Wilson Lecture

2018 John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecturer

By Jonathan (Jon) Clark, CEO PrimeAsia

Tentative Title:  Leather: An Honest Material in a Confusing and Changing Environment

  • The industry must push back against inferior substitutes without the appearance of rejecting innovation and at the same time must continue to embrace and evolve to the ever changing demands of the marketplace.
  • The industry must speak truths:  transparency is critical to maintain as there are no secrets in the industry that we are concerned about.
  • The industry continues to have areas to  improves, and sectors which are not compliant, but we know that properly made leather is a sustainable, good material of value.
  • Today’s Processing is safe and environmentally friendly
  • Most of the non-finished leather materials (why do we call non leather making proteins waste?) can be used for other things and we can recycle most of our natural resource.
  • Most of the alternates are hidden in bad chemistry, poor origins,  high levels of real waste, short usable lives, poor after life options and they are only being sold as “leather” because everything else about them is weak and/or overrated.

The 59th John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture will be presented at the Annual Convention by Jon Clark, CEO of PrimeAsia, at 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 19, 2018.

Mr. Clark currently is in his 27th year in the leather industry, starting at Prime Tanning in 1990.  He spent his first ten years in the industry learning and working at Prime Tanning in various sales positions.  He was appointed as vice president in 1997 and took over the responsibility of expanding and growing Prime Tanning’s presence in the global athletic leather market as well as overseeing all sales and service operations in Asia as Prime Tanning expanded manufacturing operations in the region.  In 2002 Jon Clark left Prime Tanning and was named president of global marketing for PrimeAsia Leather Company.  In November of 2007 he was named CEO of PrimeAsia and is supported by a multi-national senior management team spread throughout the globe.