Technical Program

Welcome to an exciting program of excellent technical presentations.
The sessions will begin with the Opening Address by the ALCA President, Sarah Drayna, at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning, June 23. This will be followed by the 57th John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture presented by Rachel Garwood, Director of the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT). There will be two full days of technical presentations concluding Friday, June 24, at 4:15 pm. We will have an array of international presenters from around the world. Keep checking this section of our website for updates on the technical program.

Note:  Oral Presentations subject to change.

Thursday June 23rd – Day 1

Opening Address

57th John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture – Rachel Garwood 9:00-9:15am
Leather Education – Preserving the Past…Investing in the Future
“Challenges facing the leather industry” is often a topic for discussion: these commonly include environmental legislation, the need for green chemistry, traceability, ethical sourcing and the list goes on.,One issue that is crucial for the sustainability of the global leather industry and is often overlooked is “succession planning.”,With large cohorts of employees due for retirement between now and 2020, the demand for quality leather graduates is ever increasing, placing a larger reliance on higher education.The importance of leather education is clearly demonstrated by the success of John Arthur Wilson himself.,During his two years study at the University of Leeds he became an award winning student under the renowned Professor Henry Richardson Proctor, both of whom made significant contributions in the field of leather science and are still referred to in modern leather science education today.In this review, the history, the present and the future of leather education are explored.,What has driven the transition from “chalk and talk” to delivery via virtual space?,With advanced information technology we are also facing a changing student and today’s student does not expect to be spoon fed the facts.,Today, they have ready access to information on the internet, so classroom delivery takes on a very different picture.,Modes of delivery now incorporate social media, discussion boards, blogs alongside tutorials and seminars.The ability within education to address these changing demands and an understanding of the ever changing market pressures will support the sustainability of our high value industry.
Break 10:15-10:30pm


Session 1

Brazilian Global Leather Trade 10:30-11:00am
Rogerio de Souza Cunha, CICB – Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry, Brazil

Green Crust Technology: A Game Changing Chemical Solution for Wet End Processing

Dietrich Tegtmeyer, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Trends in Automotive and Impacts on Leather

Andreas Kindermann, Wollsdorf Leder, Schmidt & Co Ges.m.b.H., Austria

Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Session 2

Sustainable Leather Finish Technology 1:00-1:30pm
Marc Oomens, Barnini and IM/Innovating, The Netherlands

Transformative Potential of Digitalization

Roy Shurling, Lectra, Navarre, FL

Development of Collagenous Material Production, Treatment and Drying Techniques: Gelatin from Bovine Dermal Material

Juan Luis Salmeron, IPAP, Spain, and Alessandra Vangelista, Officine di Cartigliano S.p.A., Italy

Utilization of Water-Soluble Carbodiimides in the Modification of Gelatin and Chitosan

Maryann M. Taylor, United States Department of Agriculture, ERRC, Wyndmoor, PA

Break 3:15-3:30pm

Session 3

MACH SENSATION: How to Sell Prestigious Leather 3:30-4:00pm
Luca Tisato, Feltre, Italy

Global Trade with China

Chen Zhanguang, Chinese Leather Industry Association (CLIA), China

Modified Smart Collagen Biomaterials for Pharmacy and Adhesive Applications

Jan Sedliacik, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovak Republic

Fun Run 5:30-6:15pm


Friday, June 24th – Day 2

Session 4

Update on U.S. Hide Trade 9:00-9:30am
Stephen Sothmann, U.S. Hide,,Skin & Leather Association (USHSLA), Washington, DC

The Over-Engineering of Nature’s Most Beautiful Product

Steve Lange, Leather Research Laboratory, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Complexing Agents and Their Practical Influence in Pickling, Chrome Penetration and Basification

Marcelo Fraga de Sousa, Buckman North American, Memphis, TN

Break 10:30-10:45am

Session 5

Tanning Technologies and Equipment Offered by the Italian Industry

Giulio Tandura, ASSOMAC, Italy

ALCA Annual Business Meeting 11:15-12:00pm
Sports Activities Awards Luncheon 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Session 6

Regulatory Challenges Facing the U.S. Leather Industry 1:30-2:00pm
John Wittenborn, Leather Industries of American, Inc., Washington, DC

Most Recent Advancement in Clean Beaming Technologies

Jurgen Christner, TFL Ledertechnik AG, Germany

Break 2:30-2:45pm

Session 7

LWG Traceability and Protocols 2:45-3:15pm
Sarah Swenson, PrimeAsia Leather Company, Exeter, NH

The Physical Properties, Morphology and Viscoelasticity of Biobased Sponges Prepared from Un-Tanned Hides

Cheng-Kung Liu, United States Department of Agriculture, ERRC, Wyndmoor, PA

Hybrid Tannage Using a Cationic Syntan (CAT) in Combination with Chrome for a Complete Exhaustion in Tanning

Eric Poles, Silvateam S.p.A., Leather Division, Italy

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Technologies for Drums

Marco Maroglio, Vallero International, limited, Italy

Reception and Awards Banquet 6:30-10:00pm