SLTC Test Methods

Method Method Number Title of Method
SLC SLC 0-1966 General comments
SLC SLC 1-1966 Sampling
SLC SLC 2-1966 Preparation of test material by grinding
SLC SLC 3-1966 Determination of Volatile matter in leather (moisture, etc.)
SLC SLC 4-1966 Determination of substances (fats and other solubles) soluble in dichloromethane (CH2CL2)
SLC SLC 5-1966 Determination of Water Soluble organic and inorganic substances in leather (water soluble matter)
SLC SLC 6-1966 Determination of total ash and of water insoluble ash
SLC SLC 7-1966 Determination of Nitrogen and of “Hide Substance
SLC SLC 8-1966 Determination of Chromic Oxide (CR203)
SLC SLC 9 Determination of total ash (incorporated in SLC 6:1966)
SLC SLC 10 Determination of sulphated total ash (incorporated in SLC 6:1966)
SLC SLC 11 Determination of Sulphated Ash of water solubles (incorporated in SLC 5:1966)
SLC SLC 12 Calculatin of degree of tannage (see SLC 0:1966, para. 5.2.3)
SLC SLC 13-1966 Determination of the pH Value and difference figure of an aqueous leather etract
SLC SLC 14 Determination of Glucose
SLC SLC 15-1966 Determination of Water Soluble magnesium salts in leather (Epsom salts)
SLC SLC 16 Determination of silicones in leather
SLC SLF1 Fastness to daylight of coloured leathers (B.S.3662/4.1962)
SLC SLF2 Fastness to heat of coloured leathers (B.S.3662/5)
SLC SLF3 Fastness to marking off of coloured leathers (B.S.3662/6)
SLC SLF4 Fastness to solvents of coloured leathrs (B.S. 3662/7)
SLC SLF5 Fastness to rubbing (wet and dry) of light leathers (B.S.3662/8)
SLC SLF6 Fastness to rubbing of light leathers wetted from the back with organic solvents (B.S.3662/9)
SLC SLF7 Fastness to washing Part I. Effect on Leather (B.S.3662/10) Part II. Transfer of Colour (B.S.3662/11
SLC SLF8 Fastness to water of coloured leathers (B.S.3662/12)
SLC SLF9 Fastness to water spotting of coloured leathers (B.S.3662/13)
SLC SLF10 Fastness to perspiration of coloured leathers
SLC SLF11 Adhesion of finish to leather
SLC SLF105 Numb-code for Stand.Meth.Test & Stand.Meth.Test.(Applicable to IUF Methods only)(IUF105)
SLC SLF120 General principles of colour fastness testing of leather (IUF 120)
SLC SLF131 Grey scale for assessing change in colour (IUF 131)
SLC SLF132 Grey scale for assessing staining (IUF 132)
SLC SLF202 Fastness to acid of dye solutions (IUF 202)
SLC SLF203 Stability to acid of dye solutions (IUF 203)
SLC SLF424 Colour fastness of leather to formaldehyde (IUF 424)
SLC SLP1 General remarks (IUP/1)
SLC SLP2 Sampling (IUP/2)
SLC SLP3 Conditioning (IUP/3)
SLC SLP4 Measurement of thickness (IUP/4)
SLC SLP5 Measurement of apparent density (IUP/5)
SLC SLP6 Measurement of (a) tensile strength (b) % elong. cause/spec.load (c) % elong. break (IUP/6)
SLC SLP7 Measurement of tearing load (IUP/8)
SLC SLP8 Measurement of resistance go grain cracking (IUP/12)
SLC SLP9 Measurement of distension & strength of grain/ball burst test (IUP/9)
SLC SLP10 Measurement of two dimensional extension (IUP/13)
SLC SLP11 Measurement of set lasting w/dome plasticity apparatus
SLC SLP12 Measurement of resistance to compression
SLC SLP13 Measurement of indentation index
SLC SLP14 Measurement flexing endurance/light leathers & surface finishes (IUP/20)
SLC SLP15 The assessment of daage by use of the viewing box
SLC SLP16 The measurement of scuff damage produced by an impact
SLC SLP17 The measurement of surface shrink/immersion in boil.water(Originally The Boil Test)
SLC SLP18 The measurement of shrinkage temperature (IUP/16)
SLC SLP19 Measurement of absorption of water (IUP/7)
SLC SLP20 Measurement/free water and the percentage loss on soaking
SLC SLP21 Measurement of water penetration pressure
SLC SLP22 Dynamic waterproofness test/boot & shoe upper leather (IUP/10)
SLC SLP23 Dynamic waterproofness test/boot & shoe sole leather (IUP/11)
SLC SLP24 Measurement of waterproofness of gloving leathers (IUP/14)
SLC SLP25 Measurement of water vapour permeability (IUP/15)
SLC SLT 1 Sampling
SLC SLT 2 Quantitative tannin analysis (vegetable and syntans)
SLC SLT2/1 General regulations
SLC SLT2/2 Preparation of sample for analysis
SLC SLT2/3 Analysis
SLC SLT2/3(a) Determination of moisture
SLC SLT2/3(b) Determination of total solids
SLC SLT2/3(c) Determination of total solubles
SLC SLT2/3(d) Determination of non-tannin constituents
SLC SLT2/3(e) Determination of tannin matters absorbable by hide powder
SLC SLT2/3(f) Determination of insolubles
SLC SLT2/3(g) Measurement of colour
SLC SLT2/3(h) Determination of pH
SLC SLT2/3(i) Remarks on the accuracy of the method
SLC SLT2/3(j) Reporting the results
SLC SLT2/3(k) Approximate quantites of materials to be taken for analysis
SLC SLT3 Testing of hide powder
SLC SLT3/1 Determination of moisture
SLC SLT3/2 Determination of soluble matter
SLC SLT3/3 Determination of ash
SLC SLT3/4 Determination of alkalinity of ash
SLC SLT3/5 Determination of pH
SLC SLT3/6 Comparative non-tannin detrminations
SLC SLT3/7 Specifications
SLC SLT4 Determination of SO2 in bleaching extracts
SLC SLT5 Determination of copper and iron in vegetable tanning extracts
SLC SLT5/1 Determination of iron
SLC SLT5/2 Determination of copper
SLC SLT6 Analysis of chrome tanning materials
SLC SLT6/1 Determination of chromium
SLC SLT6/2 Determination of acid combined with chromium
SLC SLT6/3 Determination of pH of chrome liquors
SLC SLM1 Analysis of sodium sulphide
SLC SLM2 Analysis of Latic acid
SLC SLM3 Colour tolerances
SLC SLM4 Analysis of alkaline liquors
SLC SLM4/1 Determination of pH
SLC SLM4/2 Determination of sulphide
SLC SLM4/3 Determination of chlorides
SLC SLM4/4 Determination of total nitrogen
SLC SLM4/5 Determination of strong alkali
SLC SLM4/6 Determination of total available strong alkali
SLC SLO1 Oils, fats and waxes
SLC SLO1/1 Sampling
SLC SLO1/2 Separation of fatty matter from non-fatty matter
SLC SLO1/3 Determination of unsaponifiable matter
SLC SLO1/4 Determination of saponificatin value
SLC SLO1/5 Determination of acid value
SLC SLO1/6 Determination of iodine value
SLC SLO2 Sulphated oils
SLC SLO2/1 Sampling, etc
SLC SLO2/2 Determination of water
SLC SLO2/3 Determination of pH
SLC SLO2/4 Determination of ash
SLC SLO2/5 Determination of acid value
SLC SLO2/6 Determination of unsaponifiable matter
SLC SLO2/7 Determination of total alkalinity
SLC SLO2/8 Determination of organically combined SO3 existing as neutralized sulphuric esters
SLC SLO2/9 Determination of organically combined SO3 existing as neutralized sulphonic acid groups
SLC SLO2/10 Determination of inorganic sulphate
SLC SLO2/11 Determination of chloride
SLC SLO2/12 Determination of mineral oils in oils intended for fat liquoring