Official Technical Committee

Sustainability Committee
> Purpose: TBA

Chair:  Beat Schelling



RSL Subcommittee
> Purpose: To develop a standardized Restrictive Substances List.
> Chair:  Steve Lange

Subcommittee on Methods & Specifications
> Purpose: To administer the Randall Rowles Memorial Scholarship Award.
> Co-Chairs:  Lori Hyllengren and Nick Latona
> Members: Okey Abara, Khorshed Alam, Janice Barnes, Kadir Donmez, Jose Gallegos, Steve Lange, C.K. Liu, and Pat Ramakrishnan.

Education Subcommittee
> Purpose: To administer the Leather Technology Correspondence Course of the Association.
> Chair:  Mainul Haque
> Members: David G. Bailey, Kenneth A. Boni, Harold Diephouse, Elton Hurlow, Michael J. O'Keefe, and Steve Yanek.

More Education Subcommittee information can be found on our website at:

Research Liaison Subcommittee
> Purpose: To maintain an awareness of ongoing hides and leather research, to foster research collaboration, and to assist the USDA and other public research institutions in establishing research priorities.
> Co-Chairs:  Eleanor M. Brown and Lori Hyllengren
> Members: Jim Carter, Joseph Hoefler, Prasad Inaganti, Steve Lange, Doug Morrison, Nathan Mullinix, Mike O'Keefe, David Peters, Dave Powell, John Reddington, Stephen Sothmann, and Maryann Taylor.

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ALCA Business Committees
2015 and 2016 Convention Committee

> Chair:  Doug Morrison
> Vice Chair:  Lee Lehman

Ways & Means
> Chair:  Andreas Rhein